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Post 1 - Purpose and Premise

January 24, 2023    .    1 min read

My posts are targeted to help you navigate your future, no matter where you live or what you do. For we all share a key reality

  • The population of the country you live in is most likely like mine in Switzerland – an aging one. (It may only be different if you live in Sub-Saharan African or select Asian countries). Demographic change, in general, and population aging, in particular, are very powerful forces, permeating ALL aspects of life. 

  • The aging of society suspends many of the laws of economics and finance taught in university.  Choices proving smart in a setting of a young and growing population may achieve the opposite result in an environment of an aging and even shrinking one.

  • To live a happy life requires taking the demographic trajectory into account. It should play a central role when we make decisions about education, jobs, buying a home, starting a family or moving abroad. And, of course, investing.  My blog addresses all of this.

  • Let’s be frank. The message is not one of hope but one of necessary acceptance and wise action. It’s not about changing the world, but about adapting ourselves to a changing – and aging - one.  


In the next post we explore the key actor: the human individual. Everything follows from it

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