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Thomas P. Signer


author and lecturer on finance and demography


The human body and mind are extensively researched. However, much is to be learned about the impact of ageing on the behavior of individuals and populations. The rapid ageing of entire societies is a novel demographic development with revolutionary consequences. Demography is destiny.


Money rules the world. Human decision-making is substantially driven by economic factors. The evolution of the monetary system has led money to take the form of debt, facilitating its explosive growth. As a consequence, debt rules the world.


What empowers you? Learning about finance, economics, demography, and their interplay is fun. And life changing. The trajectories of demography and debt will collide, resulting in the disruption of ALL spheres of life. This requires new strategies for working, investing, and living life to the fullest.


The Credo lays out the key principles of humans and their money that inform a new understanding of our aging societies and their future.

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