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Welcome to my Blog!

Post 1 - Purpose and Premise

January 24, 2023    .    1 min read

My posts are targeted to help you navigate your future, no matter where you live or what you do. For we all share a key reality...

Post 2 - The Aging Human

January 24, 2023    .    5 min read

Developing a personal strategy for a good life must start with an assessment of the future. And that is substantially a function of the actions of the main actor: us humans. It is best to come to terms first with some of our “properties”. Here are a few hard to refute characteristics of how we really are...

Post 3 - The Aging Population

February 21, 2023    .    5 min read

A good starting point to learn about human “populations”[1]is to revisit their constituents first: individuals like you and me...

Post 4 - Money

March 31, 2023    .    3 min read

You are forgiven if you think you should study medicine to understand how humans really are. Or languages to figure out how they communicate. Learning about money will teach you...

Post 5 - Hi$tory I – Gold and Silver (to 1914)

August 14, 2023    .    5 min read

Let’s go into the archives. Only with an understanding of how money has evolved to the present can we envision its future and position...

Post 6 - Hi$tory II – Fading Gold (1914 - 1971)

August 28, 2023    .    8 min read

"Mother of all catastrophes" is how we German speakers[1] refer to World War One (WWI). The war brought death and agony on an unimaginable...

Post 7 - Hi$tory III – FIAT and FED (1973 to now)

October 6, 2023    .    3 min read

The move from gold money to FIAT money in the early 1970s was a big step for the United States and the world. Heralding it a great step forward is ...

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