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Welcome to my Blog!

Post 1 - Purpose and Premise

January 24, 2023    .    1 min read

My posts are targeted to help you navigate your future, no matter where you live or what you do. For we all share a key reality...

Post 2 - The Aging Human

January 24, 2023    .    5 min read

Developing a personal strategy for a good life must start with an assessment of the future. And that is substantially a function of the actions of the main actor: us humans. It is best to come to terms first with some of our “properties”. Here are a few hard to refute characteristics of how we really are...

Post 3 - The Aging Population

February 21, 2023    .    5 min read

A good starting point to learn about human “populations”[1]is to revisit their constituents first: individuals like you and me...

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