Financial Advisory Services

I am an independent financial consultant based in Switzerland. My financial advisory services are holistic in nature and include strategic asset allocation, selection of asset managers and their monitoring. My services are customized to individuals’ needs. I collaborate with Valueworks AG, a Zurich-based family wealth advisory boutique (

Dispute Resolution of Financial Claims

I help clients with contentious issues with financial service providers determine whether they may have a claim. To bring claims in Switzerland, I partner with the law firm WerderVigano Rechtsanwälte in Zurich (, which I also support as expert witness. I have also served as an expert witness before Swiss courts, the High Court in London and FINRA in New York.

Lecturing on the Interplay of Finance and Demography

I teach courses in finance at SBS Swiss Business School ( in Zurich, Switzerland and in outreach programs in Latvia, Russia and Kazakhstan. I also give regular presentations on the interplay of finance and demography to interested audiences such as companies, clubs and NGOs and I also hold keynote addresses at conferences.